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85W Solar PV Module

BP Solar International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The British Petroleum Company p.l.c., is one of the world's largest solar power companies. For more than fifteen years, they have been a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced photovoltaic power systems.

The BP-585 is made with 36 of BP Solar's high efficiency laser-grooved buried-grid (LGBG) cells, with an efficiency of conversion of light to electricity of almost 17%, compare to an industry average of between 12.5% and 15%. These are the highest efficiency solar cells available in volume commercial production today. The increase in electrical efficiency is achieved by using a laser to cut a fine grid, deep into the body of a silicon wafer, rather than employing the usual silk-screen process, to print a grid of metallic paste upon the wafer surface, which usually obscures some 10% of the wafer's active surface area. They fill these grooves with conducting metal, by an electro-plating process. Because the grid is buried deep within the silicon, the collection of electrons is enhanced. This, combined with the fact that the grid takes up very little surface area of the cell, raises the electrical efficiency to some 17%. Modules assembled from LGBG cells, are produced at BP Solar's manufacturing plant in Madrid. They provide an output of up to 90 watts from a conventionally-sized 36 cell configuration. In addition to their class-leading high efficiency (which is particularly valuable where roof-space is restricted) LGBG modules deliver greater power per kW installed than rival products, by prolonging the daylight hours over which useful power can be generated. The BP-585's high efficiency translates into cost savings on mounting structures, especially on trackers. The new, larger, hinged junction box with built-in bypass diodes features a cage clamp mechanism to reduce wiring time and ensure secure connections with bare wire. Each module comes with two waterproof cable clamps, so no special module interconnects are required. The face of the module is tempered, high light transmission glass and the rear is a triple lamination of PVF, polyester and PVF. Includes bypass diodes.


Certifications and Qualifications

•UL 1703 Listed
•TÜV compliant
•JQR compliant

Module Construction

•Solar Cells : 36 LGBG single crystal cells
•Encapsulant: -- modified ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
•Front Glass: -- tempered, high transmission
•Back Cover: -- triple lamination of PVF, polyester and PVF
•Frame: -- clear anodized aluminum frame
•Junction box: -- large, hinged junction box with built-in bypass diodes, cage clamp mechanism and two waterproof cable clamps

High Quality

•Modules manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities.
•Tested and certified for a wide range of operating conditions
•Bypass diodes are factory installed to protect cells from damage due to localized shading in high voltage arrays

Easy Installation

•Large junction box features, hinged door, cage clamp mechanism,
•two waterproof cable clamps to reduce installation time and expense


Typical Power 85 watts
Minimum Power n/a
Configurable Voltages 12V
Voltage at Peak Power 18.0V
Current at Peak Power 4.72A
Short Circuit Current 5.0A
Open Circuit Voltage 22.03V
Bypass Diodes Provided? (block reverse current) Yes
Connection Method in junction box
Dimensions (L x W x D) depth w/o junction box 46.8 x 20.9 x 1.5 inches
Warranty 20 years

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