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White LED's: The Next Generation of Super Energy Efficient Lighting
Only two years ago white LEDs cost so much that residential use wasn't realistic. Now the price is down and the next major evolution in lighting is underway. White LEDs produce full spectrum (85 CRI) pure white light and have a 100,000+ hour life. So efficient, it's hard to measure your power use. You can downsize the expensive solar module and battery parts of alternative energy systems.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are so efficient, the power use is measured in milli-amps. They last so long your grandchildren will still use them: At least 10 times longer than compact fluorescents and 133 times longer than a typical incandescent (that's 68 years if used four hours per day!). Energy savings are incredible: It would cost $772 to use a hundred 25 watt incandescents for 13 hours a day for one year, compared to only $31 using these light-equivalent LEDs; a savings of $741. They only produce 3.4 BTUs/hr compared to 85 for incandescents; no more heat problems! We offer a huge selection to fit in standard DC and AC receptacles, lamps, recessed cans, track lights; virtually anyplace you would use a normal bulb.