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Air 403 tower kits

AIR Wind Module

In 1996, the introduction of the AIR-303 revolutionized the battery charging wind turbine market. People quickly began to see that wind was as easy to use as Photovoltaics.

And now, over 30,000 turbines later, the new 403 has once again rewritten the history books as it became the best selling wind turbine in the world. Still priced about the same as a photovoltaic module, an AIR is capable of producing more than seven times the energy!

Maintenance-free performance, easy installation, and high output make AIR ideal for virtually any remote battery charging application.

The AIR is designed to be used in combination with photovoltaic modules to balance system energy output during times of seasonal fluctuations.

No room for a tower? AIR's compact design make it ideal for roof top mounting. Check out the Tower Kits Page for more information.


bulletUnprecedented 3 YEAR WARRANTY
bulletSimple rooftop installation; no tower necessary
bulletVariable pitch Aerolastic carbon matrix blades
bulletAircraft quality aluminum alloy castings
bulletExclusive Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator
bulletSophisticated internal battery charge regulator
bulletSafety protection electronics controls voltage and rotor RPM
bulletMaintenance-free - Only two moving parts
bulletExclusive Auto-brake-feature that slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged thus extending bearing life and reducing noise.


bulletRemote homes & cabins
bulletWater pumping
bulletRecreational vehicles
bulletBattery charging
bulletScience & education projects


Rotor Diameter: 46" (1.14 meters)
Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)
Start up wind speed: 7 mph (3 m/s)
Voltage: 12, 24 and 48 volts (Inquire for others.)
Output: 400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)


BLADES: The AIR's blades are made of a carbon fiber reinforced composite that twists as the turbine reaches its rated output. This twisting effect changes the shape of the blade, causing it to stall, limiting the RPM of the alternator protecting the AIR from damage in high winds.

ALTERNATOR: The AIR's brush-less alternator is optimized to match as close as possible to the cubic energy in the wind. It is constructed with Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets for superior performance and maintenance-free operation.

REGULATION & CONTROL ELECTRONICS: The electronics perform several functions to assure maximum output and safety for the user. The control electronics maintain a load on the alternator at all times to insure the turbine never over speeds, regardless of the condition of the battery. As the battery is charged, the sophisticated regulator periodically checks the line, correcting for voltage loss and monitoring charge rate. Once the battery has reached its optimum charge level, the regulator shuts the current off, preventing the battery from being overcharged and slowing the blades to a silent spin.