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Wattsun Trackers

Azimuth Solar Tracker

If you want the most from your PV (photovoltaic) array, then you want the sun to be at high noon all the time. This simple, reliable tracker keeps the PV array precisely fixed on the sun at all times, just as though it were high noon. The result:  20 to 40% more power than from a comparable fixed array depending on weather and latitude, an investment that quickly pays for itself. Wattsun trackers need no seasonal adjustment, are available to fit all commercial PV modules and contain no freon or other harmful gases.

Many owners don't equip their PV arrays with solar trackers even though tracking will greatly increase the power output. The experience has been that passive trackers (which typically use the expansion of harmful freon gas to provide collector movement), have serious limitations: they do not reset quickly enough to fix the panels on the early morning sun, they are often overpowered by the wind and they do not work well at low temperatures. Hence, their pointing accuracy is not precise and (because they are single axis) they require seasonal adjustments to maximize power output.

The Wattsun Solar Tracker is different. Its revolutionary solid-state sensor finds the maximum sun available in the sky, even under overcast skies, from sunup to sundown. Using dependable motor-driven actuators it keeps the panel array pointed accurately at the sun at all times. For a Wattsun tracked array, it's high noon every hour the sun shines.

It makes sense to equip every array with a Wattsun tracker. It will pay for itself in a short period of time, and its simplicity and durability will provide long-term, low-maintenance performance with thousands of extra watts during the lifetime of the array. Wattsun Trackers maximize power production without the shortcoming characteristics of freon trackers.
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The easy-to-install Wattsun solar tracker features rugged anodized aircraft-quality aluminum frames that come in standard array sizes ranging from 2 panels to 24 panels. Larger sizes are available on special order.

The Wattsun tracker comes complete with all of the hardware needed to mount it and the collector array on your pole.