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Trace/Xantrex 4000 Watt Sinewave Inverter

The biggest inverter improvement in years - 96% efficiency, .04 amps no load draw, 120 amp battery charger
4000 watts of continuous true sine-wave power with a 10,000 watt surge rating. Run inductive loads, audio equipment, rheostats, computers, printers, copy machines without the distortion and hum common with modified sine wave inverters. Regulates up to three separate DC inputs to battery - including photovoltaics, wind, hydro, and engine driven generators (200 amps). Stackable for 8000 watts of 240V/120V utility grade power. Can supply synchronous power for utility line tie systems. Includes 60 amp transfer switch, automatic low battery protection, and temperature compensation probe. Fully programmable functions like generator start/ stop, adjustable battery charge rate, and load sensing. Available in 12V, 24V and 48V Models, 105 lbs.