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Trace. Inverter 
Trace/Xantrex Inverter


Trace/Xantrex inverters are a standard in the industry. We can't recommend them enough. They're ideal for running tough motors or sensitive electronic equipment. Crystal-controlled frequency regulation works with Trace's exclusive "Impulse Phase Correction" to maintain a wave form very similar to public power. They have one of the best track records in the business and back up that quality with a 2-year warranty.

Trace/Xantrex inverters have an efficiency rating as high as 96%, are RF noise-free, and function as the brains of your fully automatic alternative energy electric system. The inverter comes preset to use power from the grid, generator, or batteries. You can feed your battery set with renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or water and the Trace will convert DC power from the battery bank into clean AC power for use in your home or office. With enough renewable sources you can even run your electric meter backwards, thus reducing your monthly electric bill as well as providing you with clean renewable energy.